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Physics simulation puzzlers are among the most satisfying games “on paper”. You have the moving parts that need tweaking, the vessel which needs deliverance and the target to finish the level. Theoretically one could approach them in an almost open-ended fashion, try out the various combinations to detail-out the synergy between the moving bits and achieve a solution unique to that moment.

But most often that’s not what physics puzzlers appear: satisfying on paper; in practice their execution More >

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is an elegantly-designed puzzle game with intriguing challenges and polished mechanics. You guide Princess Ida through ten Escheresque levels on a journey of discovery and forgiveness. Along the way, you meet crow people, befriend totem creatures and traverse seemingly-impossible optical illusions.

Mechanically, the game is reminiscent of games like Fez, where changes of perspective can create paths for Ida, but it is delightfully tactile on the iPad as you drag, rotate and tap More >

Cook, Serve, Delicious!

For a game in the “turn your zero-star, rat-infested craphole into a gleaming bastion of gourmet food” genre, Cook, Serve, Delicious! certainly crams in a lot. Apart from cooking, you have to wash dishes, clean toilets, and accurately describe robbers holding you up—all while your customers are still ordering from you. It’s enough to melt your brain, really.

CSD has a simple premise, but forces you to make split-second decisions and prioritize. Each food is prepared using a minigame of typing More >


Amphora is an attempt at a story based physics puzzle game, and it is just that, unfortunately its also a story based physics puzzler that can be a strain to understand just what’s supposed to happen as often the goal of any given level seems obfuscated and sometimes down right indecipherable.

Amphora is the story of a young girl in the format of a shadow puppet theater, each character, object and background is styled after beautifully coloured stained glass shadow puppets. Unfortunately this More >

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb racing is one of those simple games that will have a player hooked on it for months trying to beat their own once in a lifetime high score. It starts right up on your tablet with big and easy menu buttons that allow the selection of unlocked levels and vehicles.

Big gas and brake pedal buttons are in the bottom corners of the screen. Gas and brake is it. You try to keep the side scrolling car from flipping over by balancing it with gas and brake pressure over stage terrain that More >

Space Hulk Ascension

Adapting one of the world’s most popular tabletop RPGs into an equally paced video game is surely no small feat. The amount of lore and detail on offer to anyone foolhardy enough to take on Warhammer 40K is stupendously incalculable, with instruction manuals, codex’s, novels, animated movies and, of course, video games all having worked to make the universe that knows only war horrendously large.

Space Hulk Ascension does well to stick to the mindset required to play the original game, with More >

Sneaky Sneaky

Sneaky Sneaky is a lot of things.Firstly, Sneaky Sneaky is a truly “modern” game, evidenced by the fact that its got an XP system, a leveling mechanic, gear upgrades and some smart Steam achievements. There is the typical hiding-in-bushes stealth and avoiding line-of-sight gameplay, you have the omnipresent bow in your arsenal and you can stealth kill enemies.

In short, all things that have become the status quo, the sort of seemingly profound complexity that excites and gives a sense of More >

Pitiri 1977

In 1977, a young boy watches helplessly as his brother is kidnapped by a strange alien creature. He sets out to look for him, soon finding himself transported to a derelict space station crawling with broken robots and insectoid monsters. His journey plays out as a puzzle-platformer, in which he must gather special powers – including telekinesis and weightlessness - in order to overcome obstacles and enemies.

Despite an interesting premise, Pitiri 1977 falters significantly in its execution. More >

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