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The Assassin’s Creed series was unique back then as it combined historical action with a sci-fi plot. Though Desmond Miles is the real protagonist throughout the games, most of the time you relive the memories of one his predecessors (all of them being assassins) through a device called Animus. The third installment signs the end of this story arc and reveals whether Desmond can save human civilization from a worldwide disaster.

The game features a new protagonist named Connor, a Native American warrior who lived during the American Revolution. The story features well known characters (e.g. George Washington, Israel Putnam etc.) and many historical incidents (like the Battle of Bunker Hill). Of course your main targets are members of the Templar Order who seem to be aiding the British against the revolutionaries.

I had high hopes for this game but my enthusiasm was gone after a few hours of playing. The pacing of the first few sequences is terrible, missions are boring and unneccessary cutscenes interrupt them in every 2-4 minutes. Heck, you don’t even get to control Connor ‘till Sequence 4! When you finally get to, two additional sequences come with more tutorials featuring Connor as a kid. The game starts to pick up at Sequence 6 (there are 12 of them overall), but the story and the ending lack excitement and depth overall.

Though the main missions miss the swing there are pros to AC III. Free-running has become more fluid and natural than ever before and can be used on cliffs and trees too. New weapons include the tomahawk, a bow and a rope dart. Side quests and collectable stuff are popping up on your map all the time, there’s a ship to sail the coasts and participate in naval battles, and craftsmen who create stuff, you may go hunting… and the list goes on and on. It’s possible to spend many hours without going near the main assignments.

Assassin’s Creed III is a noteworthy title which seems to be put together hastily, it’s qualities diminished by buggy gameplay lacking the freedom of the previous installments for its first half. You might give it a try but it’s definitely not the best of the AC franchise.

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