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Beatbuddy is the story of a guardian entity that wakes to find someone vandalizing the temple he guards. This person was trying to steal the world’s music. To add insult to the loss the thief abducted Beatbuddy’s sisters. He was put in a position where he must try to save the music of the world and his sisters.

Another story of good versus evil that requires saving the world and the girl, or in this case girls. Beatbuddy is an amazing game. The music aspect kept me coming back to the game. I absolutely loved the fact that the music was so integrated into gameplay and changed depending on what was on the screen and what area you were in.

Unfortunately the gameplay was somewhat annoying and made it one of the most aggravating experiences I have had. Beatbuddy is the type of game that you hate when playing but think about fondly and itch to play during the day. Sadly, I got to the point where the camera work is done so poorly that to make it to an area five seconds away it takes me ten seconds to get there (but have to make it in six seconds). So after trying and failing 50 times the game has annoyed me beyond wanting to play it anymore anytime soon.

Maybe one day I will go back and try again because it is just THAT good of a game. The only other complaints I have are when my character keeps going too far after I tell him to stop, causing things to screw up. At times some lingering glitches occur, and sometimes the music just adds to my aggravation by no fault of its own. Some of the bugs I have come across have ranged from things like spawning me at the wrong checkpoint to the background not loading and causing me to die.

I would definitely recommend this game for everyone I know along with a warning that it might cause some anger issues.

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