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BioShock Infinite is perhaps the best shooter of this generation. Few games are able to capture the emotions of the player through its narrative. Even less are able to delight the senses with a fantastic soundtrack and alluring visual design. BioShock Infinite does all of this while still retaining the exhilarating and creative combat shooters must have.

The story of BioShock Infinite is one that shows what the medium of video games is capable of. You assume the role of Booker DeWitt, A former Pinkerton Agent who is sent to the floating city of Columbia to retrieve a girl and repay his “debt”. He finds a world that he never would have imagined in his wildest dreams. This title single-handedly shows that games can now stand on equal footing with novels and films when it comes to narrative depth. It is one of the first games to really have a message greater than the one it presents on the surface and thus the plot delights not just on an emotional level but on an intellectual one as well.

It is imperative to all games, no matter how fantastic the story, that they possess both functional and enjoyable gameplay. BioShock Infinite does this exceptionally well and never will you tire of its creative and flexible combat system. You are able to engage in standard gunplay and the Plasmids of previous BioShocks have become Vigors. They vary in functionality, some set the enemy aflame or drown them in water, while others deflect bullets and possess enemies. The sky-hook allows for another level of gameplay as well as some ridiculously fun moments.

The world that Irrational Games created with Columbia is absolutely beautiful. Half the fun of BioShock Infinite is exploring this early 20th century floating city. Every character has their own unique story explained through design alone. The music only adds to this phenomenal experience, some of the most joyous and tragic moments are made possible through the use of this amazing score.

I would make the argument that BioShock Infinite is not only the best BioShock game but the most outstanding shooter of its generation. I implore each and every one of you to experience this masterpiece on your own.

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