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After long last, Deadpool has finally received his own game. Deadpool is the crazy, misogynistic, merc with the mouth from the Marvel Universe. The game goes above and beyond what makes Deadpool great. Unfortunately, this comes at a detriment to gameplay, content, and overall polish.

The story revolves around Deadpool attempting to make his own video game. However, much like Deadpool’s mind, this game makes no sense. This is due, in large part, to Deadpool tearing up the game’s script within the first chapter. The main story is just there to allow for that off the wall Deadpool humor. This merc with the mouth is not the only voice inside his head, he is joined by two different voices that provide consistent, and hilarious banter.

A slew of other characters appear in the game to either fight or aid Deadpool, and while many will require a Marvel scholar to identify, some, such as Wolverine, are popular enough characters for any player to recognize.  Constantly breaking the fourth wall, making sexist comments, and acting like an overall deranged lunatic, Deadpool is represented perfectly in his game.

Despite such a fantastic single player story, Deadpool leaves a lot to be desired in gameplay. Melee combat feels solid, if not slightly generic, and while gunplay is not exactly polished, it is functional. Everything works well enough here, but bland level design, and the miniscule amount of enemy types detract from the overall experience. The graphics are poor with muddy textures. On top of all that, the game is about seven hours long with only throwaway challenge modes afterwards.

The sound work is another high note for this title. The voiceover by Nolan North is absolutely incredible and he is now, more than ever, the voice of Deadpool. The soundtrack to Deadpool is complementary to the environments, and though it does not stand out, it doesn’t get in the way.

High Moon Studios has done a commendable job with Deadpool’s first video game. It is just unfortunate that they could not polish the gameplay up to the level of the character they brought to life.

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