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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is that kind of game that no one sees coming. Because of the title many gamers may assume that this is in some way related to 2012’s Far Cry 3 but do not make that mistake. Aside from common gameplay tendencies this title bears no resemblance to its retail counterpart and quite honestly, this gem is infinitely more refreshing and fundamentally more unique.

Instead of Jason Brody, the unskilled protagonist from Far Cry 3, you play Sergeant Rex Power Colt, a Mark IV Cyber Commando. Wise cracking, tough as nails, and 100% patriot, while not the most unique character, he is a fun one nonetheless. The story is not to important, the basics are a mad man named Sloan is attempting to create an army of cyborgs to take over the world. The plot allows for some stupidly ridiculous events that leave nothing to be desired.

Playing as a Mark IV Cyber Commando has never felt so great. Rex can sprint without stopping, he does not take fall damage, and he has glowing purple ninja stars. You get shotguns that shoot fire, hand held chain guns, rifles that shoot lasers, and Robocop’s gun. Need I say anything more?

Blood dragons, which are like giant glowing lizards, add a level of difficulty and tactics. They are the toughest enemy in the entire game but they can be lured into attacking enemy bases and doing all of the dirty work for you. In Blood Dragon you are given all the tools to destroy your enemy but there remains enough of a challenge to keep things interesting.

What truly sets this title apart is its fascinating blend of 80s culture with modern gaming tendencies. With Blood Dragon, the player is treated to 16-bit cut scenes, a retro sci-fi soundtrack, and an over the top mythos commonly found in 80s action films.  All the while the gameplay is that of a distinctly modern shooter.

Everything about this title works phenomenally and I would be delighted to see Blood Dragon get a full retail sequel later on down the line.

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