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FTL: Faster Than Light is an RTS and also a roguelike indie game putting you in charge of a lonely spacecraft. Your task is to reach the Federation Fleet by travelling through eight sectors with the Rebels on your tail. You can spend some time discovering locations in a sector before Rebel forces appear and capture them one by one. Encounters, quests, stores and even the layout of sectors are randomly generated so every playthrough is unique.

You will have plenty of time to experiment, because – while being kinda short -  FTL is quite the challenge. The final boss is a real badass even on easy difficulty and new ship types/layouts may only be unlocked by playing the game many times.

Your vessel is depicted in a schematic viewpoint (and also is your enemy if you happen to meet one). Different rooms have different purposes, each of them has to be powered to be functional. Oxygen is vital for your crew members to survive though releasing air from certain areas can be useful for putting out fires or killing intruders on board.

All systems are upgradable along with your reactor, weapons and drones. The latter two have to be purchased if you want to change the initial loadout (which is a must to win the game). Besides tinkering with your gear, you must also keep an eye on the quantity of fuel, missiles, drone parts and scraps (money).

Your crew is also a deciding factor in the outcome of many events. Numerous races are recruitable and all of them have strenghts and weaknesses (except humans who are boring). If you order a crew member to do certain tasks they will become better in that area of expertise.

While the visuals are quite simple (not ugly though), the soundtrack of the game is really cool and it makes faring the endless oceans of space even more immersive.

At first sight FTL: Faster Than Light might seem to be a casual game but under the minimalistic surface it has serious complexity. Those moments when you see the hull meter dropping below 10% and you are praying for your engines to charge and save you from this deadly nebula are priceless and make you come back for more.

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