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Master Chief’s finally back and he’s tougher than ever! After two spin-off games Microsoft has ordered a sequel to the original trilogy to be made. Our laconic protagonist is being woken up from hibernation by his AI companion, Cortana because the alien Covenants are launching an attack against the wreckage they have drifted aboard for the past few years. While the supersoldier’s trying to repel the invaders, a nearby planet which belonged to the Forerunner race uses a gravity well to draw all of them to its surface. Surviving the crash our hero encounters the not-so-friendly Prometheans who are protecting the planet and discovers something that poses a new threat for the galaxy.

There was some guessing whether the new developers can do this game the right – and they did. Everything about this FPS feels great, it has feeling, exciting story, challenging enemies and the visuals… one of the best I’ve ever seen on a 360. Great animations, crisp edges, excellent lighting, exceptional display of facial expressions and no FPS drop. The single player campaign keeps its momentum from beginning to end its shortness being its only drawback. The missions have lots of diversity and rarely become repetitive giving you the opportunity to do something new all the time (e.g. escorting a huge vehicle, flying a Pelican fighter, or controlling  Covenant tanks) when you’re done you can invite your buddy for a coop playthrough (maybe on Heroic or Legendary difficulty).

Besides cooperative play there’s Halo’s famous multiplayer too. The new system provides your very own Spartan soldier who gets harder, better, stronger every time you kick some a** online. Spartan Ops is a series of scenarios replacing Firefight (may be a con for some players), and there’s the usual Red vs. Blue mode called War Games (CTF, Slayer etc.) both of them giving you even more time to spend on the virtual battlefield.

Halo 4 is an exceptional installment in the series and a great return for Master Chief. Being the first part of a new trilogy I hope that 343 Industries gonna keep their standards.

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