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Quozzle is the last of the incredipedes on a quest to save her sisters who have been kidnapped by evil men. “What is an incredipede?” – you might ask. Well, it’s a creature with the ability to grow limbs and muscles on its body (eye) allowing it to interact with the environment in many ways. Choosing the right parts allows Quozzle to climb, jump, manipulate items, swim and even fly in strong wind. You can morph her into thousands of elaborate contraptions ranging from a simple wheel to humanoid bipeds or giant spiders.

There are 60 levels in the game which can be played on Normal and Hard difficulty, the former letting you control pre-built creatures and the latter expecting you to build your own solutions quite soon. Besides reaching the ray of light at the end of each level you also have to collect fruits, coins and other items. It is the only way to get through the gate keeper and advance to the next world with more levels.

Even after you finish the story you may use sandbox mode and level editor to have some fun and share your creations with the online community. Hundreds of levels and incredipedes created by other players are also available so you will not get bored for quite some time.

Not only the physics engine and level design are great but also the visual style created by Thomas Shahan resembling medieval woodblock prints. The short pieces of music accompanying your trials come from many different genres like Native American folk and European medieval melodies, they are pleasant to the ears indeed.

Incredipede is an indie gem based on a simple idea brought to life in a compelling way. It makes you use your brain for solving puzzles as well as providing some funny moments when your latest creation squirms into just the opposite direction it was supposed to.
Oh, and there’s an online version with fewer levels so you can try it before you buy it! Check it out here: 

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