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From Impromptu Games, InFlux is a game which requires very little explanation; you control a ball on a strange island with no reason given, other than a 10 second opening cinematic, as to where you are, what you are or how you got there. The objective of InFlux is to roll through a series of stunning environments collecting blue orbs using your power to attract various things in your environment. At the end of each of these environments are white buildings, if you have collected enough of the blue orbs while travelling through the level (which is usually not a problem) you can enter them. And this is where the real puzzles are kept.

The puzzles in InFlux can range from very easy to moderately challenging and usually consist of platforming or using your ability to attract and repel objects to flip switches, activate pressure plates or press buttons spread throughout the area. Puzzles are generally entertaining, however having to collect the orbs to get there can become tiresome after a several attempts but the wildly different environments (varying from beaches and forests to caves and abandoned villages) stop you from losing interest in the exploration that is a major part of this game.

The music plays a major part in creating the peaceful atmosphere and the game should definitely be played with the headphones on. There are two ways to play InFlux, the traditional mouse and keyboard controls work fine for navigating level but the controller support adds an extra level of precision to the game, though even with this extra layer of precision the controls can still be lacking in responsiveness.

All in all InFlux is an entertaining indie puzzle platformer set in a beautiful world with music that draws you into its universe however control issues and some parts of the game not being very engaging make what should be an easy to play title hard to get through at times.

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