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Like the tagline states, we finally get to see what it would be like if our favorite DC characters duked it out like in in Mortal Kombat. Story-wise, Injustice can be confusing. There’s crossovers, alternate universes, and me on the floor with my head spinning. What was once our great hero, Superman, is now a madhouse who has just killed Lois Lane and his unborn child. If that wasn’t bad enough, The Joker has destroyed Metropolis and now Superman’s a dictator.

I definitely liked the fact that Superman was cut loose. He’s always the flawless do-gooder that we look up to. Seeing Supes in a state of paranoia and anger is great for anyone who’s tired of him saving the day. Compared to most other fighting games, Injustice is much darker than what you’re used to. The tone is bleaker, the characters are darker, and overall this isn’t you’re average comic book story. To be honest, I actually enjoyed the story. It gave reasons for what was going on and separated the game from, say, Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe.

Injustice plays a lot like Mortal Kombat, but with more twists and turns, and no, this is isn’t a reskinned version of that game. Most of the “arenas” that you fight in are interactive.  A special move can trigger something to explode or collapse that can cause devastating damage. One thing that I really didn’t like is that the finishing moves don’t finish anything. For example, Superman can fly you all the way up to space and then hurl you back down onto a concrete surface and you just get up and keep fighting.

While Superman and Lex Luthor’s finishing moves are overpowered, the rest of the cast’s are a little bit more subtle. The gameplay itself is great with unique moves and combos for each character. While getting to know each character, you can actually put some of the combos on your screen so you have them there for reference.

Visually, Injustice looks okay depending on what you’re doing. The cutscenes look somewhat muddy and there are some texture popping issues. However, the gameplay itself looks great, motions are nice and fluid.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this game. The story is surprisingly good, the combat is great, and the graphics look pretty good. In the end, this is one great package. There are several things that I didn’t mention about this game, so if you’re already excited, there’s more.

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