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Despite beginning with you trotting through the forest at a relaxing pace, dodging the occasional barrel or sometimes jumping the odd fence, Last Knight by Toco Games will quickly have your hands flying across your keyboard in a desperate struggle to keep your knight atop his horse as he hurtles through the five chapter of the story mode. Your character, a lowly knight arriving late to assist in the rescue of the kingdoms princess from the dragon that took her, must advance lance in hand through what is certainly not the most creative plot available in a game, but is still an enjoyable one none the less.

The story mode of Last Knight is a short affair, with five chapters each set in a new environment seeing you charge around everywhere from sun soaked forests to mist veiled graveyards, all the while fighting to stay on your horse long enough to reach the end of the end of the stage.

Hell bent on stopping you are enemy knights, low walls, small streams and a lot of barrels. I won’t say much as to the final stages of the game save for that there is a dragon, and it is infuriating, and not in a good way. After a good 5-10 minutes of chasing down this dragon I finally caught it and so the story was done. Luckily this is not the end of Last Knight, completing the story merely unlocks several new modes full of power ups, new characters, an endless mode and various challenges to complete.

However a somewhat repetitive music can become irritating after extended periods of play and while the game’s visuals are stunning its lifespan is short even with the inclusion of the endless level.

Despite having faults Last Knight is still a fun game for experienced runner players and casual players looking for some entertainment.

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