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The playability of Legend of Dungeon cannot be faulted as it is based on a tried and tested formula that is the foundation of the gaming world. Monsters appear, you kill monsters. Item appears, collect and use item. Die…and your efforts are displayed on a neat chart for all to see how you compare next to their always more astounding efforts.  If it isn’t broken, why fix it?

Legend of Dungeon is a lot of fun due to its constantly changing maps and items. When you die the next dungeon won’t be quite the same and the potions you pick up, although keeping their names (such as pink potion, sickly green potion, questionable yellow potions), will have different effects on the next play through so it’s always a lucky dip at first but then you train yourself to remember which potion does what in the new spawn.

The drops of items are random as well. Incredibly random. As when I played the first time I managed to pick up only one hat leading me to think I just wasn’t very good at it. But on the next play through I was finding hats and weapons like the game had almost taken pity on me due to the first time. So even if the combat is incredibly standard the variety of the maps and the items certainly make up for this.

The pixel art is pleasing to the eye with great use of light and shadows which add extra layers onto what would otherwise be quite a 2D affair and the music compliments this even if it is a tad repetitive. The dungeon is well constructed with hidden switches and secret floor panels to keep you searching every room meticulously in case you miss a sliding door that leads to a shop offering hard to come by weapons.

If you fancy exploring with a friend then up to 4 people can play locally and although the keyboard might get a bit crowded I had a great time with a couple of friends. It’s nice to see local co-op in a heavily online world and Robotloveskitty (being a husband and wife team) do a good job of bringing people together in order to raid dungeons and find a plethora of amusing hats to boot.

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