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Lost Odyssey begins with a very impressive cut-scene covering a large battle between heavily armored forces. Once it seems one side is winning, the other side brings out what I can only describe as battle towers.  At a certain point in time mobile towers with mages ride around resurrecting fallen soldiers. Once it becomes obvious that the battle is pretty much a stalemate, a barely armored man appears and you are thrown into a basic tutorial. After the tutorial a meteor falls and kills everyone near it except Kaim.

After being directed back to town you find out that as Kaim, you have lost your memories and there was another survivor. Kaim gets summoned to the council where a powerful sorcerer named Gongora claims to have hired Kaim and cast a spell of immortality on him. The council discusses a building project called “Grand Staff” that Gongora is in charge of and ultimately decide to suspend construction until Kaim and Seth, the other survivor, investigate. Throughout the story, you find out that Kaim and Seth are 1000 years old and must recover their memories.

Personally I had times where I hated the game and it took some motivation just to load the game up. I do not know exactly what about Lost Odyssey made me feel that way because I did enjoy the battle system and a lot of the story was entrancing. I will admit that the story had points that, for lack of better phrase, “kicked me right in the feels”.

The only issue I had that I can pinpoint is trying to have my character cooperate with what I tell him to do. The biggest issue was trying to interact with the environment, such as a ladder, and I would press “A” when prompted just to have Kaim stand there doing nothing. Sometimes it would feel like it took two full minutes to start climbing a ladder. This became most problematic during areas that are timed.

Lost Odyssey took me around eighty hours to complete the first playthrough. For those that can get past the minor gameplay issues, I would recommend this because overall it is a great game.

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