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This spin off of the Metal Gear franchise follows Raiden, a character introduced in Metal Gear Solid 2, who later becomes a cyborg ninja. Raiden is a hired mercenary who is met by Samuel Rodrigues, a much more sinister ninja that does not hold back with his blade and is also Raiden’s key rival.

This Metal Gear game has a different mechanic than the rest of the espionage style Metal Gear games people are familiar with, and takes a more hack and slash approach. The main feature of the game is the precision blade mode that allows the player to slice almost any object in the game in any way they want.

The game-play is very smooth and the combos within the game not only look fantastic but are relatively simple to pull of. Even though the fighting is quite repetitive, this gets overlooked by how simply awesome Raiden looks as you frantically mash X and Y hoping to have your chance to slice your enemies into pieces, literally hundreds of pieces!

The graphics are very well done; the whole game is colorful and the suits of Raiden and enemies are highly detailed. The environments are rarely, if not never, repeated throughout the game. The cut-scenes are also very well done and borderline realistic looking in some instances.

After 5 minutes of playing the game I had already bought the soundtrack. It is one of the best albums I have bought in a while and the music really adds another atmosphere to the game making it even more epic as you slash away.

In terms of fun this game has yet to bore me in the slightest even when I had to replay some levels for extra upgrading points. The story also contains some humor as do all Metal Gear games which I enjoyed, especially when finding people in the typical Metal Gear box.

Overall I would say that this game is a great idea for the franchise and is very well executed, it is as if it has been designed for a gamer like me to have fun with.

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