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Indie games have never been my favorite. I find the quality to be all across the map and they often have an amazing aesthetic but are shallow in every other aspect. The Night of the Rabbit certainly has a beautiful design but there is so much more to enjoy.

First in foremost is the story. You play a young boy named Jerry Hazelnut during his second to last day of summer vacation. While exploring the wilderness around his house he discovers a magical anthropomorphic rabbit named Marquis de Hoto. He is then whisked off to the mysterious land of Mousewood, where all the inhabitants are animals. Taking a page out of Alice in Wonderland, The Night of the Rabbit is so whimsical and cleverly charming that every bit of dialogue and every new location is an absolute joy to experience. Because I was instantly enthralled in the universe Daedalic had created I did not mind the rather slow pacing in the beginning but others may.

Art and sound design is key to making this entire experience function. Not only do the hand drawn characters and backgrounds compliment this very storybook-esque narrative but they also build a world so entirely unique. The main theme of this game was phenomenal, the soundtrack is so entrancing that it just begs to be listened to again and again.

Gameplay on the other hand is not as impressive. It is a point-and-click with a heavy emphasis on puzzles. They are sometimes very challenging and they require a great deal of common sense (which I apparently have none of). While not bad, there is nothing new here. In the end, the puzzles feel like filler before you are given more story which makes it all the more frustrating when you are unable to solve one of them quickly.

The Night of the Rabbit gives me faith in the indie market. It has single-handedly changed my opinions on an entire genre. Good experiences can be found with indies, you just need to know where to look. While just shy of greatness, Night of the Rabbit delights nonetheless.

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