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Initially, I was worried about Splinter Cell: Conviction. I heard a lot about how the series had deviated from its stealth origins. For the most part, this is true. While this game is much more action oriented than the previous titles, it’s still one of the best stealth games on the market.

Once again, you play as the super-spy, Sam Fisher. For a long time, Fisher’s daughter, Sarah was thought to be dead, but there is a rumor floating around that suggests otherwise. Sam has left his former position at Third Echelon and is now trying to find out the truth about his daughter.

If you’re a long-time fan of the Splinter Cell series, then Conviction might disappoint you. There are parts of the campaign that force you into action-filled areas. Still, when the game allows stealth, it’s some of the best you will ever play. The most fulfilling playstyle, in my opinion is when you manage to pass all of your enemies without them ever detecting you.

One of the new mechanics of Conviction is Mark-and-Execute. You can use this mechanic to mark up to three of your enemies and with the press of a button, you will automatically execute them. At first, it felt like cheating, but by the end of the story mode, I was using Mark-and-Execute consistently.

In previous games, you knew how hidden you were by using the light meter on your HUD. For Conviction, this mechanic has been replaced. When you step into the shadows, the screen turns black-and-white signifying that you’re invisible.

The campaign is pretty short, about five hours if you don’t make too many mistakes. SC: Conviction makes up for its small story mode with some extra modes. The gem of the multiplayer is the co-op campaign. It’s about half the size of the singleplayer and twice as fun. If you have a good partner, this can be one of the best cooperative experiences on any game.

In the end, Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction is a great game, but it isn’t necessarily a great Splinter Cell game. There’s a little too much action for this title to receive the “Something Special” badge, but I’m giving it a solid 8.

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