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Worms Clan Wars is yet another fantastic strategy game developed by Team17. Just like other worms games, you control a group of cartoon earthworm looking creatures across a destructible landscape to battle with a wide range of weapons. In Clan Wars, you can go through the story mode which starts off with you controlling one strong worm against a bunch of computer-controlled worms in order to complete the tutorial and get a taste of what to expect.

If the off-the-wall humor does not strike your fancy, then this is not something to consider buying. After the initial tutorial, you are introduced to the different classes of worms available, which are a heavy worm with high health, a scout worm that is quick moving and does not set off mines, a soldier worm that can explode its thrown grenades before the timer does, and a scientist worm that replenishes health each turn.

There are modes for playing skirmishes over local area network (LAN) or online, and a kind of ranked online matches called clan wars. In this mode you are able to create your own clan and customize its emblem and other details. If you do not want to start your own clan there is a way to join others, but I did not attempt to find out how.

I really like how, if needed, the entire game can be operated with only the keyboard even for exiting the program. Personally, I am a poor Worms player, so online for me was a huge struggle. Most of the time I spent playing the game was single-player story mode, mainly for the humor in the pre-mission briefing.

The voice acting was spectacular and for me the game was just the right kind of funny with a touch of ridiculous without being off-putting. The only thing I found frustrating is just a few missions into the campaign the computer starts actually fighting back and has inhuman accuracy making a difficult mission near impossible to survive, especially if even a tiny mistake is made.

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