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Europa Universalis IV

Europa Universalis IV continues the traditions of Paradox Interactive’s grand historical strategy series and – while offering somewhat simplified gameplay – still maintains its trademark complexity and realism. You may become the ruler of almost any country between the years 1444 and 1820, trying to keep your independence through four hundred years of war, diplomacy and development. You can choose from several milestones between these two dates and “interesting” countries which were More >

Last Knight

Despite beginning with you trotting through the forest at a relaxing pace, dodging the occasional barrel or sometimes jumping the odd fence, Last Knight by Toco Games will quickly have your hands flying across your keyboard in a desperate struggle to keep your knight atop his horse as he hurtles through the five chapter of the story mode. Your character, a lowly knight arriving late to assist in the rescue of the kingdoms princess from the dragon that took her, must advance lance in hand More >

Worms Clan Wars

Worms Clan Wars is yet another fantastic strategy game developed by Team17. Just like other worms games, you control a group of cartoon earthworm looking creatures across a destructible landscape to battle with a wide range of weapons. In Clan Wars, you can go through the story mode which starts off with you controlling one strong worm against a bunch of computer-controlled worms in order to complete the tutorial and get a taste of what to expect.

If the off-the-wall humor does not strike your More >

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Conviction

Initially, I was worried about Splinter Cell: Conviction. I heard a lot about how the series had deviated from its stealth origins. For the most part, this is true. While this game is much more action oriented than the previous titles, it’s still one of the best stealth games on the market.

Once again, you play as the super-spy, Sam Fisher. For a long time, Fisher’s daughter, Sarah was thought to be dead, but there is a rumor floating around that suggests otherwise. Sam has left his former More >

Dominions 3: The Awakening

Dominions 3: The Awakening is best comparable to an exam whereby you have to partake in a lot of extracurricular revision (the game manual is 300 pages long) and then take the test, which is the actual gameplay, and if you’ve done all your homework you will pass. If – like me – you don’t have the time and instead of revising slack off and just get on with it then Dominions 3 is an ordeal comprised of confusing statistics, poorly animated battle sequences with a generic and limited fantasy More >

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